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Message to all Followers of Boardwalk Radio:

Make sure you all follow the new website in order to get news and events interviews from Boardwalk Radio!

– Louis


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May 22, 2014 · 10:43 am

Are you a student looking for funding for graduate studies? Listen to David Bruce discuss options. Find out more information at the link below:…-bescm_eng.asp

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October 25, 2013 · 11:07 am

Adam Cheeseman

Listen to student Adam Cheeseman and professors Mike Fox (Human Geography) and Dave Thomas (international relations) discuss the benefits of outdoor education.

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October 24, 2013 · 10:59 am

Ryan Burnham described Katahdin in the past, having been a former participant on the trip. This week, Adam Christie came into CHMA to talk about Katahdin this year!

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October 23, 2013 · 10:45 am

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October 22, 2013 · 7:38 pm