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Sackville’s Former United Church and Post-Church Churches

Boardwalk’s Be the News journalism team hosted a show about religion. We began discussing the former United Church building, speaking with Damian Hammock of┬áthe group SPLASH, which is trying to preserve the building itself. This first section of the show included an interview with the landowner, John Lafford, and another with Town Council member Bill Evans.

The second section of the show was about declining religiosity across the Maritimes rather than just in Sackville. Reverend John Perkin discussed how religiosity and church attendance everywhere is declining, why this is the case, and what might result.

Finally, we ended by discussing what might replace the church in the future. If the church serves the roles of providing community space and moral codes and rules to individuals, then what might serve to replace those functions in the future as churches close their doors? Is this a good or bad thing? What is a post-church church?

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